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  • Debugger for Linux — Using GDB

    Introduction to GDB:GDB, short for “GNU symbolic debugger,” is a commonly used program debugger in Linux. Over time, GDB has gone through many versions and currently supports debugging programs written in various programming languages, including C, C++, Go, and more. In practical scenarios, GDB is most commonly used for debugging C and C++ programs. Generally,…

  • Process Guard for Java Program in Windows.

    Principle: Utilize PowerShell to filter processes; if the specified process does not exist, invoke a startup script to launch the program. Employ Task Scheduler for repetitive periodic actions. PowerShell Code: powershellCopy code $javaProcess = Get-WmiObject Win32_Process | Where-Object { $_.CommandLine -like “*java*” -and $_.CommandLine -like “*Ting3.jar*” } if (-not $javaProcess) { echo “ting3 dead…” cd…

  • Learn the Kerberos Authentication Process

    Kerberos authentication process allows users to authenticate their identity without directly transmitting passwords to services, using tickets and encryption keys for secure communication. This helps prevent password theft or man-in-the-middle attacks. Key Servers: Kerberos Authentication Process:

  • The Allow and Deny rules of Apache

    In Apache HTTP Server, the Order directive is commonly used in conjunction with the Allow and Deny directives to control access permissions. This set of directives can be used to define which clients or IP addresses are allowed to access resources and which ones are denied. The Order directive determines how multiple Allow and Deny…

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